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Achieve balance in the world you worked hard to create by treating your fresh or saltwater tank with Nualgi Aquarium — our breakthrough micronutrient supplement that safely restores missing nutrients, improves water quality and helps control nuisance algae.

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“Great product, I clean my glass once a week now as opposed to every day or twice a day and the health of every one in the tank is the happiest I have ever seen them. Everyone needs this product.” – Justin M.

“The water was so clear it was like looking at a high definition picture. The plants colored up greatly. It’s just too good to go without.” – Brad J.

“I have purchased Nualgi after my trial was over because I am convinced that my aquarium is healthier than it was before I used Nualgi.” – Vlangel

“Destroys Cyanobacteria and diatoms in short order. The white substrate in my tank looks like it did on the first day.” – Dan B.

“Good product for polishing up a tank that is old but in good shape. I just followed the directions and the improvement showed over about two weeks.” – Richard B.

“Nualgi killed the green hair and cyano algae. I noticed most of my corals taking off in color and growth. During my free trial the Nualgi staff was always in touch and walked me through any problems.” – Jason G.

“I love the product it reduced my cleaning time. I have seen a big change in my corals. They have become more colorful and brighter. I am going to continue to use this product.” – Gene H.

“Worked great on my saltwater reef tank. I had a phosphate issue in my tank then after using the Nualgi, it just zeroed out in a few weeks. Would love to use it again” – Jerome S.

“My trial went so well I use it in every aquarium,
I have a 90 gallon salt water now and my corals love it. The fish seem to have deeper brighter colors as well. ” – John H.

“I saw a big change in my freshwater planted tank that had hair algae growing out of control. The hair algae has completely diminished and there are no signs of it coming back.” – Nick B.

“Your product definitely helped in ridding my tank of the nuisance algae! Super Happy!” – Deborah G.

  • Justin M.
  • Brad J.
  • Vlangel
  • Dan B.
  • Richard B.
  • Jason G. – Corals Taking Off
  • Gene H.
  • Jerome S.
  • John H.
  • Nick B.
  • Deborah G.

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Nualgi is an innovative new product that helps fresh and saltwater aquarium owners safely improve the natural balance of their tank and enhance the health of their fish, plants and coral. Engineered specifically to benefit the health of your fish and coral, Nualgi Aquarium is easy to use, efficient, and yields rapid results.

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Nualgi Aquarium has been developed to help aquarium owners solve the 3 primary challenges they face keeping all types of aquarium – how do I keep the tank clean, the water clear, and the fish, corals & critters happy. With just a few drops, Nualgi can do all this and more.

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Upon application of Nualgi Aquarium, the Nano Silica base carries nutrients to Diatom Algae which start to multiply, consuming N and P, robbing the nuisance algae. Diatoms release O2 & consume CO2, thus increasing the dissolved oxygen levels and helps aerobic bacteria break down organic matter. As this occurs, zooplankton grow by consuming the Diatoms, and finally, zooplankton get consumed by fish and coral because that is their favorite live food. Hooray for free fish food!

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Aquarium owners just like you are using Nualgi — from hobbyists to professional aquaculturists. One factor unites us all: we all need keep the tank clean and the fish, corals & critters happy! Well, look no further, your answer is here, just see what everyone who’s tried Nualgi is saying and showing to us!
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Take control of the world you worked hard to create by treating your tank with our breakthrough micronutrient supplement for improved water quality and algae control and join thousands of happy aquarium hobbyists who have treated their tank with Nualgi Aquarium.

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The results speak for themselves!

I’m absolutely amazed with all the growth my coral have made this last 5 weeks, even the ones that were not doing good came back & they’re growing!

Jorge W.

I didn’t do anything different from my normal maintenance schedule but add this stuff! Everything in my tank is more vibrant and healthier looking than I’ve ever seen!

Rob J.

I’ve completed my 12 week trial on Nualgi. I find this to be an amazing product! Keeping my water crystal clear & my fish happy. My plant growth has increased & I was able to reduce use of other plant additives. Amber C.

If you take care of your system and want to take it to the next level without the headaches of multiple dosing regimens, then this is the product for you. Well done Nualgi Aquarium! Christian D.

Attention Pond / Water Garden Owners!

Did you know there is a version of Nualgi for use OUTDOORS?

Say “NO” to algaecides and try Nualgi Ponds to improve water quality and balance the nitrogen cycle in your pond to naturally control algae, reduce maintenance, and eliminate bad odors.

Safe for all fish, plants & crustaceans, Nualgi Ponds can be used in koi fish ponds, water gardens, fountains, or any other outdoor water feature!


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