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“Try this stuff out and you will not regret it.” – Infamous Aquatics

“I find this to be an amazing product!” – Amber

“All in all, I would give this product an A+. We have all been searching for a cure for our algae problems and we have found it.” – Greg D.

“Amazing water clarity, fish & plant coloration better than ever & algae free glass for the last 3 weeks now.” – Matthew W.

“I was about to give up & sell the tank. I tried all kinds of things but nothing worked. I am so happy with how my tank looks. Thank you!” – Ronal S.

“Before I started nualgi my tank was filled with hair algae. I got most of it to go away & my corals have never looked better with great extension & color.” – Mike H.

“I haven’t had to clean the glass in over two weeks & all inhabitants are happy!” – Robert R.

“I call it steroids for corals!” – Jorge W.

“In the last two weeks it has cleared the BBA up 100%.” – Brain D.

“My corals and inverts have been more animated, as have my fish. My parameters are all balanced well, and with diligent cleaning it seems like the cyano is receding.” – Gordon H.

“Your product definitely helped in ridding my tank of the nuisance algae! Super Happy!” – Deborah G.

“I saw a big change in my freshwater planted tank that had hair algae growing out of control. The hair algae has completely diminished and there are no signs of it coming back.” – Nick B.

“My trial went so well I use it in every aquarium,
I have a 90 gallon salt water now and my corals love it. The fish seem to have deeper brighter colors as well. ” – John H.

“Worked great on my saltwater reef tank. I had a phosphate issue in my tank then after using the Nualgi, it just zeroed out in a few weeks. Would love to use it again” – Jerome S.

“I love the product it reduced my cleaning time. I have seen a big change in my corals. They have become more colorful and brighter. I am going to continue to use this product.” – Gene H.

“Nualgi killed the green hair and cyano algae. I noticed most of my corals taking off in color and growth. During my free trial the Nualgi staff was always in touch and walked me through any problems.” – Jason G.

“Good product for polishing up a tank that is old but in good shape. I just followed the directions and the improvement showed over about two weeks.” – Richard B.

“Destroys Cyanobacteria and diatoms in short order. The white substrate in my tank looks like it did on the first day.” – Dan B.

“I have purchased Nualgi after my trial was over because I am convinced that my aquarium is healthier than it was before I used Nualgi.” – Vlangel

“The water was so clear it was like looking at a high definition picture. The plants colored up greatly. It’s just too good to go without.” – Brad J.

“This product really works and it does it pretty fast. My saltwater tank had gotten out of control with the mossy algae taking over the live rock reef. After using the Nualgi as directed, I had a really nice clean looking tank again in a couple of weeks and it didn’t affect any of my corals or fish!” – Phillip P.

“Love your product! Worked FANTASTIC in my two tanks! Thanks!” – Tracy K.

“I’ve been using for 5+ months. Great people to work with, and they will help you!” – Jerry H.

I’ve seen nothing but good come out of this product.” – Scott G.

  • Infamous Aquatics – No Regrets
  • Amber
  • Greg D. – A+
  • Matthew W. – Water Clarity
  • Ronal S.
  • Mike H.
  • Robert R.
  • Jorge W. – Steroids
  • Brain D.
  • Gordon H.
  • Deborah G.
  • Nick B.
  • John H.
  • Jerome S.
  • Gene H.
  • Jason G. – Corals Taking Off
  • Richard B.
  • Dan B.
  • Vlangel
  • Brad J.
  • Phillip P.
  • Tracy K.
  • Jerry H.
  • Scott G.

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