Carry Nualgi in Your LFS

If you would like to carry Nualgi Aquarium in your LFS, please apply to get LFS pricing by completing the form below. (We will send you the price list after you complete the form).

Terms & Conditions for LFS Wholesale Program

  • Offer valid in United States & Canada.
  • Not to be sold below our web prices.
  • Only for resale in your retail store(s) that we have pre-approved.
  • Any unsold product can be returned for a full refund (return shipping not included).
  • Your Contact Info (Administative)

  • Please give us a good email that is checked regularly. We promise to only use this email to communicate with you about your acceptance to the LFS buyer program.
  • Please let us know who told you about the LFS pricing program so we can thank them!
  • Tell Us About Your Store (Public)

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We will send you to a pricing page after submitting the form and a follow-up email to verify your information is correct.

ATTENTION SHOPPERS, Prices on all sizes of Nualgi increased on January 1, 2021.