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    Jeff Torres

    I ordered my trial subscription and am currently waiting for its arrival. I will be breaking down my tank in a week to move, and am considering going bare bottom from my current 3 inch fine sand bed when I set it back up in the new house,which will take me a day to do. My question is: is it ok to use Nualgi in a bare bottom mixed reef tank and if it is, how long should I wait after I set the tank back up to start dosing?




    Nualgi can be used in a bare bottom tank or one with a sand bed. We recommend giving the tank a few weeks in the new location before adding Nualgi. The move can be stressful for fish and corals, and even though Nualgi will not have any negative impact if you dose right away, it is not smart to change too many things at once in a reef tank. After the tank has a few weeks to settle, do a water change and add Nualgi to the tank. Please read through dosing instructions before adding Nualgi to the tank.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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