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    So about a year ago I was having crazy problems with all of my tanks in my house pH would not go over 7.8 no matter what.. algae was blooming like crazy there was nothing I could do but pull it out. I took samples of my water to 2 other lfs’s thinking my test kits must be bad.. well nobody found anything strange so I lived with it untill I was telling a fellow reef owner over a cigarette and he said well that’s your problem. . He said look it up its common you need to vent your tank or quite smoking so I did look it up and smoking totally screws with your gas exchange and keeps co2 high which lowers your ph. If you use buffers your kh goes up but not your ph. So I found a test and it said to put some tank water in a cup put it out side of your home with a air pump and stone for a few hours then test ph. Depending on how much buffer you have been using the pH will go up. Mine went to 8.6 so I put a air pump out side on my window Sil and made up a ventilation fan from outside. . My wife and I have since quite smoking but even before that my ventilation system worked perfectly. . PH slowly came up and balanced out at 8.2 which its been at since with no buffers at all.. now since we quite I don’t use my ventilation fan anymore but I have been talking to other nualgi users that think the product does nothing in there tank and it turns out they smoke in the house with the tank.. so if your having problems, ventilation and nualgi will fix it!


    Chris Wimmer

    I do have to say when I stopped smoking in the house my tanks did alot better.



    In addition to avoiding 2nd hand smoke, it is also recommended that there is sufficient fresh air circulation in the room where your tank is located to allow for oxygen intake.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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