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    ryan hayes

    Is there any chance this can crash my tank or hurt my fish/corals. And what will happen if I decide this is not for me and I stop use



    As you will see from our FAQ page, Nualgi is really a nutrient that feeds the diatoms. Diatoms feed the zooplankton and fish and coral consume the zooplankton. So it is a nice cycle. If you stop dosing Nualgi, you will simply have to balance your tank through other means such as water changes, gfo, manual removal of algae etc. At least 3 of our trialists have mistakenly pored the entire 12 week dose at once in their tank and nothing happened to the livestock. It was just a lot of diatoms that did not get consumed and dissipated over time perhaps through some aggressive water changes. Here is a link to a couple of videos – Brennon has been using the product since October of 2013 while Vinny has had it for 8 weeks and Jorge just started on it. You will also find plenty of posts on our FB time line.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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