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    Having a problem with cyano and GHA. The GHA is all over the rocks, cyano is kept to 3 spots on the rock, and one is now starting on the sand.

    Just stumbled across this product and was wondering if this actually does work, or if I should go with chemiclean, or replace all rock..

    tank is a 50 gallon, 17 gallon sump volume, about 60 lbs of live rock, 45 lbs of sand. Inhabitants right now, a blue tang, a clown, a condy nem, 2 rbtas, leathers, mushrooms, polyps

    this tank was an established tank for a few years before I received it. do 5 gallons wc change twice a month, and 15 gallons twice a month alternating.

    feed lightly (1.5 mil) from a syringe twice daily. light period 9 hours 3 hours full intensity

    light an unknown LED, flow is good with rw4 and return pump. just shy of 24x turn over
    s120 snow cone skimmer run 24/7
    chemipure and rowaphos is my media.
    dual 200 micron felt socks, cleaned every 3 days

    ammonia, nitrite, phosphates reading 0
    nitrate reading 15-20ish ppm
    SG 1.025 temp 79, ph 8.1
    calcium 400-420ppm mag 1350ppm



    Our product works about 50% of the time on cyano and hair algae. The reason it does not work all the time is because our product uses nutrients in the water such as N and P to grow diatoms. Often the nutrients have been filtered out. Right now we have a valentine’s day sale if you want to try it out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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