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    I’ve seen youtube videos where some people started dosing daily with nualgi. Is it possible to overdose with nualgi?



    Daily dosing is better than dosing weekly. We strongly advise against over dosing. About 1% of the tanks have not reacted well to Nualgi and have reported more algae. So we would recommend you start with 1/4th of recommended dose and if you can, dose daily which further reduces any risk of a negative reaction. Stop dosing Nualgi if you see an increase in algae in your tank and contact us.
    So to be clear, as an example, if you have a 120 gal tank then the recommended dose is 4 ml per week. 1/4th of that would be 1 ml per week. And daily dose will be 1/7th of 1 ml which is about 3 drops. That too you should dilute in your tank water and add it to your sump. We are trying to be a “little over the top cautious” to eliminate downside risk.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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