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    I will document my Trial on this forum thread.

    I received my trial samples today 3/24/2014.

    Week# 1 – 9:40 pm  10 ml dose spread out (4 ml Frag Tank, 3 ml 125g SPS, 3 ml Sump)


    Frag Tank – Had most algae, especially on egg crate due to possible phosphate leaching

    125g – Only had small patch of red Cyano bacteria

    Refugium  – Contain Macro algae but also has CyanoBacteria on the walls

    90 g – Hair algae on rock under chalice and red algae covering rear walls of the tank.

    Pictures are stored in my FB since adding photos here is a pain.





    Thank you!



    Dose#2 Mar 30 , 11am


    So far so good nothing detrimental seen but have noticed some algae on my frag racks receding. My ultimate goal is to not have any algae, especially, cyanobacteria in my system as a success factor.



    We support your goal and will work with you to make sure you have a healthy and algae/cyano free tank!



    Week#2 Video –

    Still had a bunch of Cyano in the back of the tank when I got back this weekend Prior to Dosing Week#3.

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Week #3</span>

    Dosed 13ml since 10ml didn’t seem to have done much on week #2.

    So far The major change is that whatever algae is left is bright green. I still notice Cyanobacteria in the main tank that I had to pull out by hand after being away for a week.  The major change is that the algae in the refugium, which is lit 24/7, also has more green slime algae growing on my macroalgae (mostly chaetomorpha but some caulerpa) and less red cyano now compared to Week#1.

    [caption width="960" align="alignleft"] Week# 3 Frag tank[/caption]

    [caption width="960" align="alignleft"] Week#3 Refugium – Less Red Cyano visible – Good[/caption]

    [caption width="960" align="alignleft"] Week# 3 90 g LPS Tank[/caption]

    [caption width="960" align="alignleft"] Week# 3 125g SPS[/caption]



    Just to show the only clearly noticeable change in my opinion is seen in the refugium. Week#1 vs Week#3.

    There is clearly less Red Cyanobacteria in the Refugium.

    <span style=”line-height: 1.5em;”>

    [caption width="960" align="alignleft"]</span><span style=”line-height: 1.5em;”> Week#1 Refugium[/caption]


    [caption width="960" align="alignleft"] Week#3 Refugium[/caption]

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