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    I had read all about this product when it was released so I wanted to give it a try.

    Started dosing well below the recommendation but slowly upped the amount. I am dosing every 4 days

    1st dose – 0.5ml
    2nd dose – 0.5ml
    3rd dose – 0.7ml
    4th dose – 1ml
    5th dose – 1ml

    Before I started I had just gone through a cyano bloom, I had some gha but not a great amount of it.

    What I have seen since I started dosing is cyano has come back but this time over my live rock and gha has started to overrun my tank.

    I thought this killed of gha not made it bloom?

    My system is a 2ft cube, roughly 275litres. Lights are on for 12hrs a day. Plenty of flow. I do a 40L water change every weekend. I dose nualgi in the mornings so there is always more than 4 hours of light.

    Mixed reef with zoas, acans, hammers and various sps.

    I did send an email with all this information but thought I would post here.

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