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    Brian A.

    Ok, so while I am waiting on the Nualgi I thought I would ask and see how I should dose my tank with my schedule the way it is. I actually sent this to you in an email but thought I would post it here in case in the future anybody else has the same issues with time. I will also be adding another possible scenario. I know you said in an email to dose 4 hours after lights are on and dose once every 4 days? With my schedule that will be very hard. My light cycle is 9am-9pm. I leave for work at 5:30am and get home about 4:30-5pm. I am not home on the weeknds either. Fri, Sat and Sun I am back home with the wife and kids. I ususally return to my place during the week on Sunday around 4pm. So how do you suggest I do this? After reading your site one place said its best to dose a little each day. As far as dosing bacteria should I just follow the instructions on the bottle and stay at 5ml a week?

    The other Scenario….I do have a one gallon jug and a 1.1ml a minute dosing pump I am not using. Is there a mixture that you know of that I could add saltwater and Nualgi to my one gallon jug and do a dosage once a day or several times a day?

    TANK INFO: This might read like rambling and well because it is, LOL. I am at work and as things come to mind I am adding them, sorry. If there is anything I have missed please feel free to post and ask or say. Please join in! I will try and get some pics posted before I start my dosing and take some every week to see progress. I have a Standard 55g roughly 30lbs of Pukani Rock. Warner Marine MF251 Skimmer, I have a Reefbreeders Photon 48 that has been on tank for 4 weeks and I am currently raising the intensity 10% a week (The 6x54w T5HO Nova Extreme Pro was beginning to die), Two Hydor 4’s on a Wavemaker pointing at each other on 2sec cycle, I run carbon in a Phosban Reactor, 20gl tank for sump. Currently cycling a few pieces of rock to add to sump. I recently moved the rock from sump to display to create a few caves or hiding spots. I have a Royal Gramma, a Sixline Wrasse, and a Percula Clown. Rose Bubble Tip Anemone, various Mushrooms, Zoas, three SPS corals are Birds of Paradise, a Green Stylo, and something else not sure what it is. I did just add a big Clean Up Crew of about 100 critters. None of the SPS are looking good. However they are coming back. I had a power outage Feb 2014 and when power finally cut back on Sump temp was 47 degrees. Nothing died! I did quickly turn off circulation pump and let sump warm up before cutting back on. I also covered the tank to keep as warm as possible. The high temp that day was 8 degrees with 20-30mph winds. Recent issues are at some point and I think it came in my Chaeto but I ended up with a nasty outbreak of Grape Caulerpa. I have been manually removing and trying to beat down nutrients by doing two 5g water changes every week and vinegar dosing. Nitrates are running about 10ppm. Not really worried about what they are reading just want to see when they start going down. I know because of the Macro algae in the tank I am getting a false reading on Nitrates and Phosphates since the Macro will absorb it before I can test it. SG 1.026, Calcium 420, Mag 1400, dKH 10, Temp 78, PH 8.2. I run an ATO with a Kalk mix that runs about 1 gallon a day. Test Kits are Hanna ULR Phos and Hanna for Alk everything else is Red Sea Pro Test kits. PH is a handheld digital. Instant Ocean Salt. I do use a 4 stage RO/DI unit with all new filters, DI Resin and RO Membrane. I Replace the DI when color starts to change and filters are changed at same time. I also replace the RO membrane every year needed or not. I always run ZERO TDS out of unit if the TDS hits one coming out all fiters are replaced I keep extra set on hand. Every six months give or take a few weeks I pull all powerheads, pumps, skimmers etc.. out of the tank and give them a vinegar bath.
    My goals are to rid the tank of algae and improve polyp extension, color and growth on SPS. Overall I want a better tank and I hope Nualgi will help. We will see! Hope people can find the trial helpful.


    Brian A.

    another dosing option would be when I do my water changes. I do a 5g water on Sun and one on Thurs. So I could start dosing .5ml (10 drops) on Sun and Mon week 1 after water change? Then increase each week 2 drops per water change over a 6 weeks till I get to 20 drops per water change which would be 2mL week for a 55g and sump or roughly 60g?

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