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    The following 2 days after dosing I get red slime algae. I also get brown diatoms outbreak during this time more than normal. I have been using now for 2 weeks. Why is this? I never had red slime algae before.



    As you may have seen from the FAQs, this issue has been discussed on our FAQ page. Nualgi by itself does not contain sufficient nutrients to cause this issue. However it does purge nutrients in the substrate and rock which shows up as more algae or red slime. Eventually these nutrients are consumed by diatoms through a combination of Nualgi dosing and water changes, feeding and lighting changes. However, since you are closest to your tank, only you can make a decision on next steps. One course of action is to stop doisng Nualgi and manage the red slime issue through water changes and husbandry till red slime goes away and then make a decision on whether you want to start dosing it again or not. Here is an example of husbandry techniques used by one user who had similar issues and provided us with his feedback. Hope this helps and please feel free to post your thoughts and carry on this conversation so we can help you with the best information we have.
    I had a very severe hair algae problem. Here’s what I did:

    1) Fixed problems with filtration (carbon and phosphate reactors had improper flow)
    2) Began manually removing the hair algae
    3) Stepped up water change frequency
    4) Started with Nualgi

    After 6 weeks I was seeing less new growth of hair algae, and it was getting easier to remove hair algae, but I was still behind the curve.

    5) 3 days of darkness for the tank
    6) More manual removal
    7) Continue with Nualgi

    I’m now close to declaring victory. There is still hair algae present, but is in very small amounts. There are small patches of cyano as well. Thus I’m not ready to declare victory just yet, but corals are growing again and the tank looks much, much better. I see light at the end of the tunnel.

    Nualgi was a part of the solution, and will continue to use it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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