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    Jerry Hansen

    Anil, Blueregal here, jerry hansen!! I saw your comment on my tank from last Monday!!!!! I just did a 22 gal water change the day after that video!!!!! I am dosing 0.5 ml per day per your instructions!!!  I am noticing algae still in my gravel, and seems to be around the bottom on my glass about 2-3 inches up!!!! I think the algae on rocks has stopped growing, but not eradicated!!! My tank including sump per your calculator is 90 gal!! I’m running phosban, chemipure the reg one and dosing kalkwasser every other day 1\2 gal mixed!!!! Do you still want me to stay on 0.5 ml per day???? Also did a nitrate test day after water change, it never changes stays at 20-40 ppm been that since I started testing couple months ago!!!!! Anyway j st wondering if stay on same dosage oh I c I t lights to 8 from 10 hrs. On new orbit marine LEDs run moonlight from 4-10!!!! Let me know your thoughts??????   thanks




    Let’s up the dose to 0.6ml per day and see if it will help the nitrates or the algae. Lets touch base in a week.


    Jerry Hansen

    Anil have been dosing 0.6 ml since you told me to, I’m about 1\2 way through last bottle of the two you sent me!! I got tired of looking at the turf algae so two days ago I did major clean up and 3 week 22 gal. Water change, and took each piece of rock out and vigorously scrubbed!! 3 hrs. But now that temp of tank is 78 or less in temp. Wanted to see over next couple months if that helps and also by scrubbing rock see if a better starting point for Nualgi to work better!! As I’ve said from beginning better water clarity, and algae seems to have slowed growing considerabally, has not eradicated!! I’m willing now that temp is down and rock is scrubbed to see where this goes now!!! Take a look

    at my latest video 2 days after scrubbing rock, routine 3 week water change!! Tested water With seachem phosphate test kit 0 phosphate, but nitrate with API test at 40 ppm or a touch higher!! Am reading API not so good as test kits?????? Anyway I would like to further use Nualgi and as I’ve said am down to 1\2 bottle left would appreciate 1 more bottle to further test now that I’ve scrubbed rock and phosphate 0 to see where this will go now oh and temp down to 78 or less!! I also added another whisper filter with phosban and chemipure in it also same in sump!! They recommend good water flow over phosban reason for adding additional whisper!! This month or when I order salt, will get some seachem nitrate remover and use to see if lowers nitrate!! Also question!! Should I try dosing hydrogen peroxide at 1 ml per 10 gal daily so 9 ml per day total dose???? Or is this not good with Nualgi???? Been reading of reports of people having success doing this??????? Thanks for all your help!! Jerry

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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