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    George Jacobs

    Getting worse by the day. BUT I do have to say that the corals have never looked happier or grown faster.

    I am dosing daily 0.3ml of Nualgi.

    I am giving 6-7 hours of my LED’s
    Checked yesterday and
    salinity 1.026
    temp. 78F
    pH 8.3
    Nitrite & Ammonia both 0
    Nitrate 0
    Phosphate Looks like 0 but API test is hard to read
    Magnesium 1350
    Calcium 480

    Feeding only frozen Mysis and enriched Brine. Thawed and then rinsed through a fine strainer with R.O. water. At this point only feeding slowly and what is eaten in a minute – just enough that the fish get something. Water changes with R.O. water every 10 days (about 10-11G each)

    My 65G system that is a year old is doing better than the other. Hair algae on two rocks where it has been is growing quickly but doesn’t seen to be really spreading (I am trimming it with a siphon tube as I remove it). The algae on the glass has increased. This tank is bare bottom. Unfortunately I can’t remove these two rocks to scour them without moving most of the rest of the tank – and the rocks both have corals attached.

    The other system is comprised of a 37G tank and sump (both 1.5 years old.) and a 20G tank (and same sump) that is a few months old. None of the algae in the 37G (has 3″ sandbed) but the 20G (barebottom) is BAD. Glass in both of these is clear. I was able to remove about 1/2 of the rocks from the 20G and put them in clean saltwater where I scrubbed with toothbrush. I then rinsed in new saltwater twice and returned to tank.

    Rocks in both systems have been in the water for the entire 1.5 years and some moved between tanks or stored in sumps.

    Pictures are 10 days old so the 20G doesn’t show how bad it’s getting (not only on rocks but the bottom and glass also).

    The bigger (55G) has most of the hair algae towards the left on the rock with the frogspawn and the flat ledge below it. I had removed all of the hair algae a month ago from the rear glass to the right and behind the tall rock with the Zoa’s – only a small amount has returned these.

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