Can I use other nutrients or nutrient balancing products with Nualgi Aquarium?

Correct dosage of Nualgi is generally sufficient to re-establish the natural food chain in the water thereby precluding the need to use other nutrients or nutrient balancing products. However it is not advisable to make abrupt changes to current practices that are working. As Nualgi starts to deliver results, you may carefully experiment in reducing the dosage of other nutrients.

As Nualgi produces food for corals, it leads to coral growth and polyp extension. Corals also stay open longer when using Nualgi. This increases the demand for Calcium in tanks with a large number of hard and soft corals. This can throw off the pH and dKH levels as they are inter-connected with Calcium. We recommend that for such tanks, Calcium levels should be carefully monitored and boosted when necessary.

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