How Do I Switch from the Original Nualgi Formula to the New Fresh and Saltwater?

You may switch to the new formula at any point during your dosing schedule as long as is it stays consistent with your maintenance routine.

We improved the formula based on many of our longtime customers who required better dosing options for smaller tanks. Although many of our users also have very large aquariums, we’ve heard that it’s more difficult to dose for those smaller tanks using our old formula. The new formula has been improved to be more specific for each type of tank as well to improve the results for those smaller tanks. In some cases, dosing may be higher if you’re one of customers that has a very large, thriving tank. These voluminous tanks may require higher dosing than your previous old Nualgi formula.

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ATTENTION SHOPPERS, Prices on all sizes of Nualgi increased on January 1, 2021.