I added Nualgi to my tank & now I have increased algae or Cyano (red slime) – now what?

After prolonged use of additives, excessive feeding and poor husbandry, it is quite likely that the excess nutrients are embedded in the aquarium bed, particularly in large aquariums. Nualgi treats excess nutrients both at the planktonic and benthic level. Therefore in the early stages of Nualgi dosing, it will purge these locked up nutrients on aquarium bed and these become nutrients for algae and cyano. These nutrients would cause an algae or cyano bloom eventually, so Nualgi is preventing a larger bloom from happening in the future.

We recommend that you perform frequent and larger than normal water changes during the first few weeks of dosing to help remove any excess nutrients. Physically remove as much buildup as possible before doing a water change to help remove larger patches of algae or cyano. Reduce lighting and feeding and make sure filter media, skimmer etc are performing well. If possible increase the flow in the affected areas and switch to daily dosing of Nualgi.

As Nualgi dosing progresses, the diatoms produced will starve all algae including cyano and the tank will gradually clear up. There are reports of cyano being gone within 3 days of first Nualgi dose. That usually means that there wasn’t a significant excessive nutrient issue in the tank in the first place. Because every tank is different, time taken by Nualgi to starve all algae can vary.

Dahlyvh on YouTube got rid of 100% of his black beard algae, but it took all of 8 weeks!

Aquarists can help Nualgi’s effectiveness by taking the following actions:

  • Restricting  duration that the lights are on to no more than 8 hours per day.
  • Reduce feed to fish to once in 2 days. Quantity should be as much as can be consumed by fish in 3 minutes.
  • Use GFO or other phosphate suppressor for some time till tank clears out
  • Follow Nualgi dosing instructions

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