I am going to use Nualgi for the first time in my tank, what advice do you have for me?

Nualgi is a nutrient mix to promote controlled growth of better species of diatoms in your tank. Diatoms consume nutrients from left over fish food and fish waste which deprives nuisance algae of the same nutrients. Nuisance algae are thus gradually starved. Diatoms are consumed by zooplankton and zooplankton by fish and coral.

For best results combine with good husbandry practices relating to feeding, lighting, water changes, cleaning, skimmer capacity, and filter media such as carbon filters and GFO.

Nualgi is not an algaecide and therefore its action is gradual. If you have had serious algae issues in the past or have trouble maintaining water parameters, please exercise caution and patience while starting with the supplement.
Some of the elements that inhibit diatom growth are high water temperatures (above 77) and presence of phenol and phenolic compounds in your tank.  
In a small number of cases, Nualgi can cause an increase in the nuisance algae. This issue has been reported by reef tank owners only. We believe that this is due to locked up nutrients in the substrate or rock which Nualgi purges. It can also happen when diatoms are not growing by addition of Nualgi (due to presence of phenols or water temperature being too high) but Nualgi is purging the nutrients from the substrate and rock.  
To lower the risk of this happening, we recommend a lower starting dose in reef tanks. If nuisance algae increase s as a result of the first or second Nualgi dose, then you should stop further dosing of Nualgi and contact us. If tank shows signs of improvement then you can gradually up the dosage over a 2 week period to bring it to recommended levels. The recommended dose in reef tanks is 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per 30 gallons per week. However we recommend that you start with .5 teaspoon (2.5 ml) per 30 gallons per week.  
Where possible, we recommend a daily dosage of Nualgi instead of a weekly dose. Daily dosing will further reduce your downside risk of increased algae. Daily dose is one-seventh of the weekly dose. Should you see increased algae after the first few doses, please stop further dosing of Nualgi and contact us.

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