My tank does not have an algae problem, should I still use Nualgi?

Yes, Nualgi has other benefits besides algae control such as better fish health, higher dissolved oxygen levels , coral growth, polyp extension and lower levels of Co2, nitrates and phosphates. If your aquarium does not have an algae problem we recommend dosing 1/4 of the recommended dosage the first week. Monitor the changes that occur and adjust dosing based on the results. Increase the dosage a little each week until you work up to the recommended dose of 1-1.25ml per 30 gallons of water.

If you notice any negative impact to the tank, discontinue dosing and contact us immediately.


Users may notice a bloom of cyano/red slime algae on dosing Nualgi on the glass, rocks or sand bed. This is a positive sign as this is cyano that existed in the water column and the rock surfaces before Nualgi dosing and are now crashing out of the water. If this does not happen the cyano may manifest even more dangerously in the future affecting the fish and corals. The crashed out algae would be easier to wipe and this should be done frequently in the first few days from the glass and surfaces. We understand it looks ugly but it should be seen as a positive rather than a negative aspect of Nualgi. It is like the proverbial bitter medicine one needs to have to cure the illness.

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