What is the population count of diatoms before and after dosing in an aquarium, pond etc.?

The initial count of diatoms depends on factors like type of water body like artificial or natural , water present like RO treated or just filtered water in majority of aquariums were RO is used the diatom concentration and diversity is less when compared to ponds.

After dosing Nualgi as it doesn’t contain any live diatoms it can only trigger growth of diatoms present in the water so if there is more diatom diversity it can lead to more diatom count. In our research with lake water we are able to increase the number of diatom species from 8 before dosing to 30 after dosing over a period of 2 weeks and diatom concentration increased from 0.1×10^4 to 4.1×10^4 cells per ml per week.

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