What problems does Nualgi Aquarium solve?

Nualgi Aquarium restores the natural food chain in water and prevents growth of nuisance algae as diatoms produced by Nualgi out-compete these nuisance algae for nutrients.

Traditionally, aquarists have considered nitrates and phosphates to be a problem and have been striving to control them through water change and other products aimed at this solving this issue.

Nualgi believes that N and P are not pollutants. Without N and P, nothing would grow, not even bacteria or coral. What level of N and P is acceptable is a matter of debate. When you can grow enough diatoms to consume nutrients, no level is too high.

Excess P will cause Cyanobacteria to bloom and this will deprive coral of oxygen. The problem is therefore cyano and not the P level. Diatoms consume N and P and they are consumed by zoo-plankton and fish. So some of the N and P is locked up in the new biomass created. To the extent diatoms are consumed by fish, use of fish feed can be reduced and that will limit the input of new N and P.

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