Top Scariest Halloween Themed Aquariums

Top Scariest Halloween Themed Aquariums

halloween-themed-aquariumsHello aquarium and fish tank lovers! This October, we have a delightful treat and are featuring our favorite Halloween themed aquariums!

We hope you find amusement, inspiration, and horror at some of these monstrously algae covered tanks. May they not keep you up at night.

CAUTION: Brace yourself because some of these photos are almost as icky as the time your discus got ich-y (White Spot disease).

Ready Or Not…

Settle in for the ride because you won’t be able to peel your eyes away from the horror, beauty, and generally disgusting nature of these Halloween themed aquariums. If you have any tanks to add to our collection, please send your pictures.

Keep your hands and feet close at all times, we don’t know what kinds of fish will be lurking in these tanks!


Enjoy These Scary Halloween Themed Tanks!

Prepare to be shocked by some of the scariest aquariums and fish tanks ever known to man.

Are you all buckled in? Well let’s roll the pictures.

Swimming With The Fishes

Let’s start off this spooky season with some genuinely spine-chilling tanks.

This aquarium was featured in the 1982 horror movie called Two’s A Crowd, let’s use this moment to take in how lovely her complexion is! But all matters aside, this tank gives us quite a fright and is a truly creative Halloween decoration for all you horror-fanatics out there.

Just make sure not to use a real head for this set-up!


One-Armed Smitty

Up next, we have this prime piece from the Pirate Seas.

Dripping in ye olde gold, this severed arm can be a spectacular centerpiece for tanks of any size. Best of all, it’s a do-it-yourself project that you can create with potting soil, acrylic paint and a little creativity!

Scary Aquarium


Turn your tank into a science experiment by putting a brain it!

This glowing tank of fun can be made at home so even you can be a mad scientist with this Halloween theme aquarium.

004 (2)


If the previous tanks were too scary for you, here is some kid-friendly Halloween themed aquariums.

These cute tanks will make your children smile and are easier to create. Let’s start with this adorable tank that is all bright with grins and treats. These simple aquarium decorations can be purchased at your local pet store or online. Do you think your fish would like to swim inside the pumpkin? Please let us know in the comments below the post.

005 (1)

Desolate Graveyard

This cemetery aquascape will give you the creeps by how empty it is.

Oh wait, where are the fish? They must be hiding behind the tombstones. For more creative ideas please read about the amazing tanks submitted by our users.

006 (1)


Oh wait, no!! There he is! What the heck is that?!

If you know what type of fish this is, please tell us in the comments.

007 (1)

Enjoy These Scary Gross Aquariums Full of Algae

And now, for the most horrific aquariums of them all! Presenting: the grossest and scummiest fish tanks you have ever laid your eyes on. Take a deep breath before moving on to the next pictures. You won’t want to take a whiff of these gross tanks that are scary enough to be considered part of our Halloween Themed Aquariums.

Nuclear Zone

Let’s put on our hazmat suits and rescue these fish!

The winner of appalling aquariums is this fuzzy mess. This green type of algae seems to have overtaken the tank completely, making this a borderline bio-hazard.

008-smccorry (1)

 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Runner up is this algae-ridden tank!

Is that a jellyfish or an algae bomb waiting to happen in the upper right of the aquarium? There’s actually still some fish living in there as well. Ahhh, somebody save them!!


Pro-Tip: Test your aquarium water quality once a month to prevent these disasters from happening.

Birthday Bash

This aquarium takes the cake due to it looking like a birthday dessert exploded inside the tank.

Notice the super dark moldy spots at the center and sides of the tank. Hope the fish were quarantined!


Tank Of Unknown

Now we have this fogged-up aquarium of algae.

Talk about pouring oil on troubled waters. You can’t even see through the glass into the tank! Is anybody alive in there? We see your scratches for help!


Fish Out Of Water

Lastly, we have this once beautiful reef tank.

However, it seems that the fish can’t deal with it anymore with that coating of algae on the side.

What is that? Some sort of cursive signature at the top? Maybe they tried to clean the tank by manually scrubbing parts of it away with their finger?

Don’t get stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea trying to clean this tank. There’s definitely better ways to prevent algae in your aquarium.


Have Enough of These Terrifying Halloween Themed Aquariums?

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