How to Get Nualgi Aquarium at Your LFS

How to Get Nualgi Aquarium at Your LFS

Many of you have asked us:

When and where Nualgi will be available to buy at my Local Fish Store?

In response to this question, we have just established a program for LFS with special pricing and a no-fuss return policy, but we need your help to get the word out!

If you tell your Local Fish Store about Nualgi, we will send you a free 4 oz bottle as a reward!

To qualify for your reward, all you need to do is send them to and get them to register (they don’t even have to purchase for you to get the reward).

You can view the list of stores that have signed up to carry Nualgi Aquarium, and if you tell your LFS, you can use this page to check if they signed up.

PS: To make sure you get credit for the referral, we added a place for them to tell us who referred them to us, but just in case they forget, we recommend you send us an email if you think your LFS will be signing up.

Thanks for your continued support!





  1. I have asked Pet World in Wichita, KS and Newton, KS, and Marine Extremes in Wichita, KS to carry your product.

  2. Hi there, I live in Uk when will you be selling Nualgi over here?


  3. I’m am referring good water
    Pleasant prairie wisc


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ATTENTION SHOPPERS, Prices on all sizes of Nualgi increased on January 1, 2021.