Marine Aquarium Expo 2015: Friends, Family, and Fish

Marine Aquarium Expo 2015: Friends, Family, and Fish

Taking place over the weekend in Costa Mesa, CA from April 18-19, 2015 is the Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX) and we will be exhibiting at this aquarium event. As North America’s largest aquarium event, this show is a great opportunity to share the knowledge of aquarium best practices on to aquarists of all ages. Going to the Event? Come visit us at Booth F4!

Kids at the marine aquarium expo

Picture of Capt. Jack from a previous MAX event

We can not stress enough the importance of engaging youth early to keep them interested in the hobby.

The producers of the Marine Aquarium Expo invest a lot of time and energy into making this event fun and interesting for children which allows for unique family bonding time! At this event children will learn about aquariums and fish, get their picture taken with mermaids and are even able to get their hands on some fun critters!

About the Marine Aquarium Expo

This is the 8th annual Marine Aquarium Expo & we couldn’t be more excited!

The Marine Aquarium Expo is fun for all ages, with activities like the children’s touch tank, the movie theater, and the Fin Zone the kids won’t want to miss out! For advanced aquarists there is a vast marketplace with over 100 different exhibits for all of your aquarium needs from algae control and removal to interesting fish match ups, to the latest in tank management technology.

Along with exhibits where people can learn about subjects like algae bloom causes and effects. Hundreds of different types of corals, fish, algae, and even novelty items will be on display. Read on to see an image gallery from past shows.

Can’t make it to MAX? Follow the aquatic action on twitter with hashtag #aquariumexpo15

The Fin Zone, Mermaids, and Captain Jack Sparrow!

resizedhighfiveThe Marine Aquarium Expo is always encouraging children to dive into the world of aquariums. After all, fish are a good, clean, and safe pet alternative to pets like dogs and cats. Aquariums are also a great way for children to use their imaginations and create their own little world in their aquarium.

At The Marine Aquarium Expo the hosts wanted children to be able to interact directly with the fish so they created the Fin Zone. Here kids can feel the oceans critters in the touch tank, take their picture with Aqua the Mermaid, and Captain Jack Sparrow.

There are also games like mini putt for the kids so they can compete for all sorts of aquatic prizes!

Important Dates/Times for MAX

Saturday April 18

  • Floor hours: 8am-6pm
  • Mr. Saltwater’s School of Discussion: 12:00PM
  • Avoiding Negative Interactions Amongst Corals: 2:00PM
  • The Nature of Light Talk #1: 4:00PM

Sunday April 19

  • Floor Hours: 10am-5pm
  • A Quick Guide to Using and Selecting Resins for Your Reef Tank: 12:00PM
  • Fish Nutrition By Les Wilson: 1:30PM
  • Nature of Light Talk #2: 3:00PM

Speakers at MAX 2015

Les Wilson – CoFounder of Cobalt International

lesFeatured Presentation Title: Fish Nutrition

Speaker Bio: Les Wilson has had a colorful career in the aquatic industry spanning almost 20 years before he founded Cobalt Aquatics. He began his career as an aquatic biologist at Marineland and worked his way up to become the director of marketing for Marineland, Tetra, Instant Ocean, and Jungle for a total of 17 years at United Pet Group Aquatics. Les will be speaking about the importance of proper fish nutrition and the many different ways you can feed your fish.

Tullio Del Aquila – Aquarium Lighting Designer

TullioDelAquila3Featured Presentation Title: The Nature of Light

Speaker Bio: Tullio Del Aquila has been a professional lighting designer for over a decade.World renowned for his pioneering work with high power LED’s his innovative lighting designs span numerous commercial, automotive and aquarium applications.  During his career Tullio Dell Aquila has designed lighting products for many of the top companies in our industry.  His dedication and innovation has helped pave the way for aquarium lighting as we know it today. He will be speaking on the numerous affects light can have on the aquarium from fish moods to algae growth.


Photo Gallery from Past Events

We Love Learning From Our Community!

Do you have an event that you want Nualgi Aquarium to participate, sponsor, or attend?

We are always happy to work with the aquatic community, please reach out to us via the contact page on our website. We also attended Aquatic Experience in Chicago last year and were very impressed by their massive shark tank on display.

Thanks for reading and please say hello at the Marine Aquarium Expo if you will be in attendance!

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