Nano Silica & Diatoms

Nano Silica & Diatoms

Understanding Nano Silica’s Role in Diatom Growth

Nualgi is a patented nano silica based nano nutrient formulation with particles in the size range of 5-100 nm. The silica becomes both the carrier for other nutrients and the nutrient by itself. It is in a water dispersible particulate form having the important micronutrient -iron (0.01% to 50% of Fe) and other micronutrients- Mn, Zn, Co, Cu, Mo, B, S, Ca, Mg, P, K, and mixtures thereof in the proportion 0.001% to 30% of the weight of silica.

Because of its nano size, Nualgi is able to pervade very small spaces in the subsurface and remain suspended in water, allowing the particles to travel farther than larger, macro-sized particles thereby increasing the bioavailability of the nutrients for easy absorption by plants and micro algae and achieve wider distribution. The iron and other micronutrients in nano form cannot precipitate out or gel in the water as it happens when they are added directly as salts.

Growing Diatoms

diatomsNualgi Aquarium contains all the micro-nutrients required for growth of microscopic plants called Micro algae particularly diatoms. Diatoms are a major group of eukaryotic micro algae and are one of the most common types of phytoplankton. They are especially important in oceans, where they are estimated to contribute up to 45% of the total oceanic primary production and 25% of global oxygen output.

Diatoms are responsible for up to 20% of the global CO2 fixation. A characteristic feature of diatom cells is that they are encased within a unique cell wall made of silica due to this unique nature diatoms are well adapted in bioaccumulation of silica and without which they cannot survive.

Nualgi Aquarium is a nano silica base micro nutrient mix that is readily absorbed by diatoms. It works well with aquariums of all types including saltwater, freshwater and planted tanks. When compared with other traditional media used in culture of diatoms, Nualgi shows a significant increase in growth of diatoms.

Microalgae, especially diatoms are an ideal natural food for marine life.

  • They are appropriate size and shape for ingestion and ready digestion,
  • They provide food for zooplankton
  • They contain ideal biochemical composition (e.g. accumulation compounds, enzymes and toxins) and specific requirements of the target animal.
  • As primary producers in the aquatic food chain, microalgae provide many phytonutrients, including in particular PUFAs – e.g. EPA, arachidonic acid (AA) and DHA Bioremediation.

Almost all the aquarium ecosystems contain excess amounts of N and P which are major nutrients for diatom growth but they lack in silica which is also required to grow diatoms. As diatoms consume co2 and release o2 the growth of diatoms using Nualgi automatically increases the aeration in polluted water bodies thereby reducing COD and increasing BOD. This in turn will help in enhance biological activity and has the added benefit of decreasing foul odor.

Why Is This Good For My Aquarium??

Upon application of Nualgi Aquarium, the Nano Silica carries the nutrients to Diatom Algae which starts to multiply rapidly. As the diatom population grows, it consumes N and P in the tank robbing the nuisance algae. Diatoms release O2 and consume CO2 thus increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in the water which is good for fish and coral health. O2 also helps aerobic bacteria break down the organic matter present in the tank. As the diatoms are getting all this done, the very agile zooplankton hunt them down and that triggers the growth of zooplankton in the water. And finally, zooplankton get consumed by fish and coral because that is their favorite live food. Creating free food for your tank is cool, BUT what truly is amazing…

By kick-starting this natural process, the diatom algae outcompete the nuisance algae for nutrients, thus starving and eventually eliminating the bad algae from your tank!

Why is this amazing? Well, as you know, overfeeding a tank can cause nutrients to build up beyond the levels your tank can handle processing efficiently. This excess of nutrients can causes all types of algae to bloom, which beyond putting a blemish on the world you worked so hard to create, can lead to poor health for your fish and corals, and more problems if left unchecked.

Diatoms also bio accumulate heavy metals like cadmium, Arsenic and Lead there by reducing heavy metal poisoning of aquatic organisms.


  1. Does the copper content effect inverts?

    • No issues have been reported by nearly 3000 trialists about Nualgi affecting inverts. If anything, we have had reports of them doing well. The amount of copper in Nualgi is discussed on our FAQs.

  2. If I only have Diatoms on sand bed that will not go away will Nualgi get rid of them as the zooplankton grow? I have a big skimmer, , GFO in reactor,maxspect gyre for flow, 10 gallon water change ever 2 weeks. 35 gallon display with 15 gallon sump


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