Nualgi’s Community Appreciation Giveaway Brought to you by JWHiser1302

Nualgi’s Community Appreciation Giveaway Brought to you by JWHiser1302


Congratulations to Jeff “JWHiser1302” Hiser, renowned DIY aquarist and cichlids lover, who has just passed 2,500 Youtube subscribers! Jeff is celebrating this milestone by giving back to the community in partnership with Nualgi Aquarium.

Jeff has been using our product for a couple months now and he loves it so much that he wanted to help us spread the word to his YouTube subscribers by helping us giveaway a bottle of each size to three lucky winners.

In order to be entered into our giveaway there are four easy steps you need to complete.



Why should I enter?

Get connected. JWHiser1302‘s regularly posted videos are inspiring and informational. For freshwater, saltwater, planted tanks, and much more, Jeff’s videos help with DIY projects and display a beautiful collection of Cichlids and fish.

Take Control of Your Tank. Contest winners get a free bottle of Nualgi Aquarium and reap the benefits of reduced nuisance algae, clearer water, and live feed for fish! Some users have even reported major improvements to coral growth and color. See the results for yourself!

Share the love. These supportive communities love to see thriving aquariums and happy hobbyists. Post pictures of your tank and enjoy the breathtaking plants, fish, and corals posted by other members.

Who can win?

That is the easiest question of all, anyone can win Nualgi’s Community Appreciation Giveaway!

Just follow the four easy steps to enter.


1st place- 500ml bottle

2nd place- 100ml bottle

3rd place- 50ml bottle

Terms & Conditions:

All steps must be completed for entries to be counted.

Free shipping to U.S & Canada

First $5 will be covered by Nualgi for shipping outside of the U.S or Canada

Winners will be selected randomly on July 31st 2014. We will tag the winners in a congratulatory post after the drawing as well as private message the winners to set up shipping arrangements.


  1. I would love to try it in my tank.

  2. My tank only just cycled about a month ago, but I’ve had a lot of Diatom and hair/bubble algae build up since it started. Would Nualgi help with this?

    • Hello Joanne, do you have any fish in the tank. If you do you can start with a 1/4th dose of Nualgi and gradually build it up. If you dont have fish then suggest wait till you have introduced them before dosing Nualgi. If you do start Nualgi dosing, please read our FAQ first. Here’s the link In particular, please read the answer to ” I am going to use Nualgi for the first time…”

    • hello joann..ive been using nualgi for monthes now and have even started dosing my frag tank with it.. 🙂 mrsann jones


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