NU-ERA for Nualgi Aquarium & Holiday Clearout Sale

NU-ERA for Nualgi Aquarium & Holiday Clearout Sale

In this nostalgic, holiday time of year, we must all remember our quest for sanity in this hobby that can leave us pulling out our hair. The desire for water quality perfection; that will eventually lead to broken technology, mysteriously dead fish, and silly mistakes we don’t even want to admit. Yet, something keeps us coming back for more each year.


Crafting a Nano-Silica Formula in the Nualgi Labs

how diatoms and silicon help fish tanksSo how do we describe this crazy desire we share?

At Nualgi, we believe it’s the drive to craft a better aquarium solution.

There are many types of aquariums in the wild and we’ve been patiently researching to create the best Nualgi formula for all our aquarium owners.

Whether it be a saltwater or freshwater aquarium at home, or an outdoor pond, lake, stream or ocean; we’ve been working to improve water conditions across the globe. Listening to feedback from users has helped us innovate our 5th generation nano silica formula for diatom growth and balancing the water cycle.

So…what the heck is nano – freakin – silica?

Our unique solution harnesses the power of nanotechnology (modern science) to promote balance in your tank for a 21st century unfair advantage over nuisance algae. So you can take back control of your tank – for good!


We’re Clearing the Warehouse for a New Year


Original Nualgi Aquarium Bottle Circa 1902

We will be bringing in the new year with new inventory and need to clear our shelves to make room for the new 6th generation solution.

This Month: Buy Nualgi Aquarium at Holiday Clearout Pricing!

Stock up while you can becuase the 500mL bottles already sold out! So for all you big rig youtube tank set ups out there who need the 500 mL, we’ll send you a whole 10 pack to your door!

The year is ending, but we’re still accepting new wholesale dealers / local fish stores to help find people who have a need for algae control methods in their aquarium.


“Say I Love You” with a Unique Gift to the Aquarist in Your Life!

22cad14955eecf99fe6d8ce3ba4fdf4aNualgi Aquarium is the perfect stocking stuffer and a great way to say, “Next year, I want you to spend less time cleaning your tank and more time enjoying it.”

They may seem particular about their fish maintenance and overly dedicated to their tanks. But don’t be afraid, they will appreciate the thought and hold you in high regard for the unique gift.

Have a price cap on your gifts? Need a holiday gift for your hubby? For only $12 you can say, “I love your planted tank AND your cichlid tank.”

Remember: A Clean Tank, Is A Healthy Tank

Happy Tanking into the New Year! – From All of Us at Nualgi

Many people will give up on this hobby, but just like you, we know aquarium keeping is a rewarding experience. It teaches a general respect for nature, the results of responsibility, and healthy understanding of mortality.

With patience and the right husbandry, you can achieve a healthy and balanced aquarium. Just remember to have fun with it! Unexplainable things are going to happen and when they do, share them with us. But when they don’t, sit back and look at the beautiful environment you’ve created.

Has your tank been naughty or nice over the past year? Show Us Your Tank!

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ATTENTION SHOPPERS, Prices on all sizes of Nualgi increased on January 1, 2021.