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Not only does it make the water clear but it has tons of different benefits that it adds to your water!

Type of Tank: 180 Gallon Freshwater 7 Gallon Nano Saltwater
Livestock: Saltwater Tank - Zoa's, Polyps, Frag Corals, Leather Corals, Kenya Tree Coral, Clownfish, Green Star Polyps Freshwater Tank - Amazon sword, Angels, Red Devils, Texas Cichlid, German Blue Rams, Serpea Tetra Catfish, Gold Barbs, Bristlenoses, Silk Plants
Lighting: Basic florescent lights. Compact florescents.

Nualgi Freshwater Trial - Update #3

Here are the good results of using Nualgi for the last 3 weeks in my aquarium upstairs. Try it for yourself!

My Fish Tank After Using Nualgi After 3 Weeks

Nualgi Freshwater Trial - Update #2

Not only does it make the water clear but it has tons and tons of different benefits that it adds to your water

A Little Bit About Nualgi For Fish Tanks

Nualgi Freshwater Trial - Update #1

Here is the first week of Nualgi before I add it to my tank. Each week their is a update for Nualgi and their great product.

Nualgi Week 1 Before I Add It To The Aquarium

Nualgi Trial Update - Week 3 - Freshwater & Saltwater

It's making my tank look like an HDTV

Crystal clear water and new coral growth. Quality is awesome.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week 2 - Saltwater

Huge reduction in algae!

I have some amazing results. Polyps and zoas that I didn't notice before are starting to pop out.

Already seeing the results and the vibrancy in the fish

The water is definately clearer. Quite a bit of new plant growth. There is not as much algae on the plants

Nualgi Trial Update - Before

I have an algae problem in my main tank on the leaves

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July 22, 2014

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