Amber’s Discus Tank

Here we are a month later with the Nualgi trial! Things are looking great in the 125 discus tank!

Type of Tank: 125 Gallon Planted Discus Tank
Livestock: Cichlids, Discus Fish
Lighting: Finnex Monster Ray lighting
Sump & Filtration: CO2
Substrate: Sand
Any Other Info: Fluval FX6 canister filter, Easy Life Fluid Filter

Nualgi Trial Update - End of Trial Review

I find this to be an amazing product!

I've completed my 12 week trial on Nualgi. I find this to be an amazing product! Keeping my water crystal clear and my fish happy. My plant growth has increased and I was able to reduce use of other plant additives.

Nualgi Trial Update - (Week 6) Day #46

It's been quite some time since I have had any kind of growth on the glass this is actually really good...when I had this set up in a 75 gallon, every 3 or 4 days I was cleaning the glass. There is a noticeable difference on the spot algae in this tank.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #4 (Day 25 & 29)

Day 25: I just wanted to show how crazy the plant growth is and that the discus has laid eggs once again.

Day 29: Everything is looking good, staying clear, and algae is very minimal.

Nualgi Trial Update - Day #21

The water seems to be pretty clear, the plants are growing crazy, and the discus are happy and laid eggs. It's doing very well. I have to give credit to Nualgi...everything just seems to be doing great.

Nualgi Trial Update - Day #16

There's some flaky dry substance that has settled on the wood branch. Probably the diatoms that have settled I would consider that a positive thing.

Nualgi Trial Update - Day #12

I'm getting some lovely brown hair algae...maybe it just has to go through some different steps before it eliminates the problems.

Nualgi Trial Update - Day #4

Definitely something has occurred...not sure if it is effecting the stag horn algae yet.

Nualgi Trial Update - Day #1

Stag horn algae is on the wood and some of the rocks have algae here and there. 

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April 10, 2014

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