Brett H.

Everything's growth rate is stupendous.

Type of Tank: 40 Gallon Saltwater
Feeding: Every 3 days and suplement feed brine shrimp eggs everyday.
Lighting: Aqua Illumination Vega

Nualgi Trial Update - October 9th

Just an updated nualgi pic of my dope tank!!


Nualgi Trial Update - Sept. 1

Just a lil nualgi eye candy!! Thanks for making my tank look sick!!

clear tank with no algae

Nualgi Trial Update - Week 6

"The colors are popping!"

It's been 6 weeks and what a difference. Everything's growth rate is stupendous. What a clean look I've got! I couldn't be happier with the results of Nualgi. Thank you for making reefing easy!

Nualgi Trial Update - Week 3

"Week #3 of dosing Nualgi and I'm hooked."

Everything is doing exactly what everybody else's. I was skeptical but just watch my videos and you will see for yourself!

Nualgi Trial Update - Week 1

"This is my first time trying something new so let's see how it's goes."

I have had this tank up and running for about 6 months, I haven't really seen to much growth of the corals so I wanted to try something different. I do 5 gallon a week water changes and feed every other day and everything is kinda at a stand still as far as growth goes. I do not get too much algae but I am cleaning the glass every other day.

Nualgi Trial Update - Before Trial

"I would like to see if your product will change the way it looks!!"

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June 26, 2014

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