Christian D.


If you take care of your system and want to take it to the next level without the headaches of multiple dosing regimens, then this is the product for you. Well done Nualgi Aquarium!!

Any Other Info: Trialed in both his 55 gallon freshwater and 40 gallon saltwater systems.

After the Trial

Christian has been trialing Nualgi Aquarium in both his 55 gallon freshwater and 40 gallon saltwater systems. We took a trip up to his home to interview him about his experience and to get a look at his tanks up close!

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #3

Of course I was skeptical at the claims of the manufacture and after 1 week was thinking that this was not what it claimed to be. Was I wrong. I am going on Day 15 and what a difference.

Before Nualgi

A 20g long with a 20g long sump saltwater.


More Photos of Christian’s Tanks & RO/DI Set-up

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April 10, 2014

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