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My colors are vibrant now, corals are growing at a fast rate, and my fish look healthier. The polyp extension is crazy now. I love it.

Type of Tank: 163 Gallon Mixed Reef
Livestock: 1 Tang, 2 Mono fish, 1 Mandarin Goby, 1 Cardinal, 1 Green Chromis, 1 Maroon Clown, Snails
Feeding: Feed Reef Frenzy, Pellets, Seaweed. Feed Fish every other day. dose Calcium and Magnesium
Lighting: T-5 Lights , use of Instant Ocean Reef Crystal's, ,
Sump & Filtration: 29g Sump
Protein Skimmer: 125 Coralife Skimmer
Any Other Info: Instant Ocean Reef Crystal Salt ATO JBJ system SPS and LPS Corals

Nualgi Trial Update - September 30

Nualgi user since March 2014. Mixed Reef.

Nualgi Trial Update - September 23

Updated tank shots. FTS, Softies, SPS, ZOA's.

Nualgi Trial Update - August 30

Update pic. Full Tank Shot. SPS, LPS, Softie mixed reef. Still using Nualgi since March 2014. My tank is looking great.

Nualgi Trial Update - Aug. 17

SPS Island taking off with Nualgi dosing.

My Hollywood Stunner Chalice and my Yellow Eye Chalice.

Nualgi Trial Update - August 5

My SPS are taking off quite well with Nualgi dosing.

Of course I still dose calcium and alkalinity. Hopefully my tank will prove that you can use Nualgi in an SPS reef. No problems here I love this stuff and so do my corals.

Nualgi Trial Update - July 18

Rapid growth going on here in my tank.

Great colors and polyp extensions on my SPS and Acans

Nualgi Trial Update - July 14th

My reef is looking great and still growing rapidly.

Nualgi Trial Update - June 25th

My tank is still thriving and everything is growing rapidly.

Another shot from today. Nualgi works as you can see!

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #12

Everything still looks great.

12 week of dosing. I still have Cyano but I had to pull middle power head out the bracket it sits in is broken so its not holding in place. However I have turned up my wave maker and power head to get stronger flow. My corals are looking good. I am dosing for ALK now because I could never get it above 7.7 and I still dose calcium at 430 level.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #11

I am getting great results in growth from my ZOA's and Chalices.

Check out my Hollywood Stunner Chalice, you can see it taking off. I also did a 20g water change on Sunday. Everything is thriving. I'm happy!

remove algae from aquarium

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #10

LPS growth is fantastic, water looks crisp and clear. Fish look healthy also.

Wow what a difference in growth and water clarity. I'm sold on your product. I even recommended it to my uncle and cousin who both run saltwater aquariums. 

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #9

Corals are showing great colors

I added a third power head to middle of tank to help out cyano area. So far I've done three water changes and replaced four filter socks since week one of dosing. Corals are showing great colors except my sps which I'm having low alk levels. I'm going to try alk buffer. Alk levels at 5.3.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #8

My colors are vibrant now, corals are growing at a fast rate. My fish look healthier also.

I still have some cyano but it looks to be disappearing a little. I did a 20g water change today.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #7

I noticed a little cyano outbreak but my phosban reactor wasn't working properly for a week. So I'm thinking this could have been the result of that reactor not doing its job.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #6

Everything has opened up more and has more color. I love it. Thanks Nualgi.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #5

The polyp extension is crazy now. I love it.

My two Garf Bonsai corals, Meteor Showers Chalice and Green Digi.  

Nualgi Trial Update Week #4

Noticing more color and extension in all my LPS and SPS.

Nualgi Trial Update Week #2

My 2nd week of dosing and algae appears to be gone. Wow! 

Nualgi Trial Update Week #1

First day of dosing. Here's my problem algae spot.

algae removal fish tank
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July 22, 2014

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