Jerry H.

Devils hands are bloomed out.

Type of Tank: 75 Gallon Saltwater
Livestock: Clownfish, devil's hands, mushroom polyps
Lighting: Hamilton tech light system 175 watt 10,000k halides and two atinics
Any Other Info: phosban, chemipure, hydrogen peroxide, reef crystal salt

Nualgi Trial Update - July 11th

Been on Nualgi for 3 months

Nualgi Trial Update - June 26th

Approximately 3 months on Nualgi. 1/2 way through 3rd trial bottle!!

Nualgi Trial Update - June 10th

2 weeks since last video, coming up on 3 week water change!!

Nualgi Trial Update - May 28th

Tank over two months on Nualgi, and 2-3 weeks since water change!!

Nualgi Trial Update - May 20th

"Everything is looking good in the tank."

Just did a major water change this morning.

Nualgi Trial Update - 2 weeks after water change.

"Devils hands are bloomed out."

2 weeks since last 22 gallon water change, I am dosing 0.5ml per day of nualgi. 2 new corals doing really well.

Nualgi Trial Update - 2 days after lightswitch

"All the corals, mushroom polyps look good."

2 days after changing lights from 10 to 8 hours. Added 2 new corals at the bottom near the clownfish.

Nualgi Trial Update - New Dosage

"Mushrooms and corals all still looking good."

1 week after changing dosage. Changing from 0.5ml dosing everyday to 2.6 ml every four days.

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 7

"Corals and fish all doing well."

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 6

"Algae appears to be thinning!!"

Nualgi 6th dose 24days 3ml every 4 days, everything doing good , brownish red going away!!

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 5

"Looks like something positive going on!"

5th dose 20 days in on Nualgi!! Looks like green bristly algae turning reddish brown hopefully dying off tank looks better than it has for a long time.

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 4

Nualgi test 4th dose 16 days!! Being patient, definitely no negatives. Will do water change at two weeks!!

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 3

"Hair algae appears to be growing less positive so far."

I did a 22-24 gal water change this morning and did my 3 dose of Nualgi!! As i said in narrative bristly algae is easier to pull off rock.

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 2

"The corals and fish are doing well."

This is my Nualgi trial day 8. The algae is coming back but not concerned. I will give Nualgi a fair trial and will patiently wait for results!!

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 1

Day 1 of trial

Nualgi Trial Update - Before Trial

This was this morning spent two hours scrubbing the rock. I have had terrible problems for last 6 months.

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June 26, 2014

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