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I give it 5 out of 5 rating and highly recommend the use of Nualgi! I have not done a water change in a month and so far everything is perfect!

Type of Tank: 220 Gallon Mixed Reef

Corals - I have mushrooms, zoas, palys, leathers, anemones, too many to name. See gallery at end of page.

Fish: A maroon clown, scopas tang, mandarin, royal dottyback and longnose hawkfish.

Lighting: 3 evergrow d120 and 4 54w t5
Sump & Filtration: 55 gal sump with ato, reef octopus diablo skimmer and kalk dosing pump.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #8

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #7

Week 7 using Nualgi and corals are doing great!

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #6

I call it steroids for corals

Coral growth is insane. I'm watching the changes in my tank almost everyday.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #5

I'm absolutely amazed with all the growth my coral have made this last 5 weeks, even the ones that were not doing good came back and they're growing!

If you haven't tried Nualgi then you need to get on board!

If you're skeptical about it guess what, I was too but you don't know if it works untilyou try it like I did, so don't spend your time reading reviews and get on board right now. Your tank will thank you for it!

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #4

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #3

Thank you guys for this awesome product!

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #2

This is a short video of my 220gal tank, I've been using Nualgi for 2 weeks and I'm impress with the coral growth and coloration, glass is easier to clean and Nualgi is easy to use.

Before Nualgi Trial

I do not have algae in my tank but I would like to improve my corals overall health.

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April 7, 2014

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