Josh V.

I noticed less algae on glass and no affect on the livestock. Plants continued to grow and look good.

Type of Tank: 75 gallon
Livestock: 6 x Symphysodon aequifasciatus 10 x Corydoras aeneus 2 x Xiphophorus helleri
Feeding: Flake 2 x per day Mon-Sat Blackworms/bloodworms 1 x per day Mon-Sat
Lighting: Current USA Lighting 2x54w T5HO
Sump & Filtration: Odyssea CFS 700 Canister Filter
Substrate: The substrate is 3 layers. 1st - peat 2nd - topsoil 3rd - fluorite / onyx seachem sand
Refugium: None
Any Other Info: Low tech, no CO2 supplimentation

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #4

Noticeably clearer water and glass. Reduced nitrates and organics, less algae.

Weekly update. 2.5mL per week in 60 gallons.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #3

Still doing 2.5mL every Sunday after the weekly 33% water change.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #2

After one week of dosing once per week.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #1

Dosed first time today.

Initial shot. Dosed first time today, After weekly WC. 75 gallon tank. 60G of water column. 2.5 no

Nualgi Trial Update - Before Trial

Found out about nualgi through reddit!!

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July 28, 2014

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