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Amazing water clarity, fish and plant coloration better than ever, and algae free glass for the last 3 weeks now.

Type of Tank: Pictured is a 20 Gallon Long
Size: 20
Livestock: Planted with low maintenance crypts, ammanica gracilus, Variety of Anubias, ozelots and rotala. Fish stock includes 2 BN pleco, 2 juvenile angels, 3 Black bar endlers, 2 black kuhli loaches, 2 long fin rosy barb, a single Neon tetra, and a clown pleco.
Lighting: Lighting is a 24" 48w Green Element 16 Bulb LED fixture ran 6 hours a day.
Sump & Filtration: Filtration by a Rena XP1 Canister w/ spraybar
Substrate: Substrated with Ecocomplete at a depth of 2-3".
Heating & Cooling: 75w Cobalt Aquatics Neo-therm Heater set at 76.
Matthew W. Planted Tank before

Nualgi Trial Update - 12 Week Recap

The full 12 week transformation with Nualgi Aquarium. The largest changes being within the first 3 weeks from my experience, with the tanks remaining vibrant, clean, and balanced there after.

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 22

Update to the 2 Fire red cherry shrimp tanks.

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 19

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 18

Rodi is plumbed in and rocking, along with further updates of the shrimp tanks.

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 16

Clear water, happy healthy fish, clean glass.

Nualgi Dose 16. Such a great product!! Check it out people!

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 14

Nothing on the glass!

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 13

Big change to the 100, moved some shrimp the the 10g, moss still going nuts along with snails, 20L still looking great but looking for a carpet plant that enjoys my normally high PH of 7.6-7.8.

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 12

Happy fish, happy shrimp, happy snails, happy days!

Big water changes this week.

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 11

Everything still doing awesome!

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 8

No algae build up!

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 6

Nothing but good coming since I have started using this product.

Nualgi Trial Update - Dose 4

A growth spurt of new leaves on a few plants and more vibrant colors in neons, rainbows, silver dollars & long fins.

Clean glass thanks to Nualgi. Dose #4 was Friday. I has definitely seemed to show its ability already even though some say it can take 4-6 weeks to really show much. Fish health and plant growth has proven otherwise for me.

Nualgi Trial Update - Week 2

Day 11 of Nualgi use. Some pretty noticeable results and some not so noticeable.

After 11 days Matt is reporting lots of changes in his planted tank including a growth spurt of new leaves on a few plants and more vibrant colors in his neons, rainbows, silver dollars & long fins. He also reports improved color and thickness in the Java moss growing in his Shrimp tank and Hair Algae starting to die off.

Nualgi Trial Update - Before

Testing out Nuagli Aquariums product on all my tanks. 15g shrimp tank, 20L planted community, and my 100g barebottom semi-aggressive tank. The variety of stock and tank style should give this product good test.

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June 5, 2014

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