Mike B.’s Shark Tank

Your product definitely makes a difference in what grows.. I do have about an 80% decrease in nuisance algae.

Type of Tank: After a successful trial on my reef tank, I decided to use Nualgi to tackle the algae problem in my outdoor shark pond (located in Florida).
Size: 2800
Heating & Cooling: Had to keep it covered many nights this past winter, resulting in excessive algae growth.
Algae control for outdoor shark pond

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #4

It's definitely slowly regaining control of my algae problem after a cold winter and having to keep blankets over my system for over a month to keep it warm causing very low gas exchange ...

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #3

Well my uv sterilizer went out last week ... I have a new one coming but Nualgi is still doing its thing..

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #2

Nualgi Trial Update - Week #1

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April 11, 2014

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