Mike B.

Your product definitely makes a difference in what grows.. I do have about an 80% decrease in nuisance algae.

Size: 140

Week #5 Update

This tank has been running for a little over 3 years and it's a huge difference since I started using your product! Well it works...my test kit corals fish and eyes don't lie..

Your product definitely makes a difference in what grows.. I have about 80% decrease in nuisance algae.

Red Sea products can put you in the poor house and for 5 weeks I have not put anything in my tank and I have only changed 5 gallons out of new salt water and my tank parameters have remained perfect.

Thanks for making something that actually works!

Week #3 Update

My water parameters have not changed at all.. Which is a good thing considering I have not done anything to the tank in a week except clean the glass..If this keeps up then you may have made a crazy hobby pretty easy...

This stuff is working so good on my reef I know it will fix my shark tank!


Week #1 Update

No drastic difference but definitely slightly less nuisance algae...

Week #0 Update

I have a particular spot in my tank that I will take very good pictures of and it always gets over run.. A true test!

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April 5, 2014

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