Sara G. (Toxicpanda1)


Before I used Nualgi in the 130 it had brown algae everywhere! No there's NO algae anywhere! I love Nualgi!

Type of Tank: 130 Gallon freshwater mixed African cichlid tank.
Size: 130
Livestock: 1x Kenyi 1x Red zebra 1x Acei 1x Yellow lab 1x yellow lab hybrid 1x johanni 1x O.B peacock 1x Livingstonii 1x Redfin Borleyi 1x Super red empress 1x Pale hybrid 1x Marlei 1x Tomato 1x Frontosa 1x Cylindercus 1x Featherfin catfish 1x clown loach 1x common pleco 1x gibberosa frontosa
toxicpanda's African Cichlid Tank

Nualgi Aquarium Review

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October 5, 2014

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