Shalom P.

All inhabitants are happy! No more red algae.

Type of Tank: 35 Gallon Saltwater
Livestock: clownfish, hammerhead corals, green star polyps, zoas, wrasse, hog fish, blenny, green chromis, cardinal and torch coral.
Lighting: 14 hours actinic and 9 hours daylight
Sump & Filtration: wp-25 powerhead

July 8th

Uhmmm. How’s this flow? I think I like this better. Let me know what y’all think.

July 3rd

Last clip I promise! I miss my Fishies in my tank!

June 26th

My husky Torch Coral. I moved him to a much stronger flow, seems to be working. Let’s see tomorrow if it’s gonna be different.

June 14th

?my reef’s waves! So how’s the flow in your tank? Loving my new aquascape.

June 6th

I ? Clownfish

May 19th

Green Chromis

May 6th

Update on my underwater Foo Dog statue.

April 25th

My Clown Fishies and their Rose Long Tentacle Anemones.

March 11th

Sharing my life in a box. My own little piece of nature.

February 26th

My True Perculla Clown or Nemo hosting my Elephant Ear coral.

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July 22, 2014

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  1. What does any of this have to do with a testimonial for Nualgi?


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