The End of Free Samples…

The End of Free Samples…

 The Start of Something New

After processing over 1,500 2,500 orders for free samples all around the world, we have decided to change the way we are doing our sampling program.

Issues with the current sampling program:

  • “What is in this mysterious black bottle ?” “Where is the label with instructions?” – We hear you guys loud and clear!!
    • Not to mention numerous reports of leaky bottles arriving (and even one being run over 😉 )
  • Measuring exact 12 week dosages for every individual’s tank requires extreme attention to detail, and because we are giving out custom samples sized specifically for your aquarium’s conditions, we can’t prepare any of the sample orders until they come in.
    • We strive to get orders out the same day they come in, but recent demand has made this  very hard to achieve!

What have we learned?

A lot! After 4 solid months of trialing with 100s of different set-ups,  we are constantly learning new things about how Nualgi works, but the one thing we do know –  is that the results from our users speak for themselves.

Change is hard…

Let’s face it, Nualgi Aquarium is asking you to change the way you have been maintaining aquariums your whole life, and we know it sounds crazy…even unbelievable that a couple drops of Nualgi could claim so many benefits…But if change means dosing Nualgi once a week in exchange for less maintenance and a better looking tank – how can you wrong?

Plenty of skeptics to still convince!

We like skeptics. By asking the tough questions, they challenge us to think harder and learn more about how our product interacts in different environments; which in turn helps the entire community grow and benefit!

So instead of ending the sampling program entirely we are going to stop giving away free 12 week samples at the end of the month (4/30/2014), and switch to a first-time user discount of 50% off*.

A “Win-Win” for everyone

By eliminating custom sized samples and offering a 50% discount* to first-time users of any size, we can still give people interested in trying Nualgi a low cost way to experience the benefits before they buy – and we can streamline our order fulfillment.

This way everyone gets their Nualgi in an official bottle that will be sealed and labeled with instructions! 🙂

Try Nualgi Aquarium in Your Tank

Time is Running Out! Ran Out!


If you didn’t get to try Nualgi Aquarium before the free sample program ended, you can still save 50% on the purchase of your first 50 ml or 100 ml bottle.



No Aquarist Left Behind

We want to make sure you get the benefits that everyone else is seeing!

Not everyone sees results from Nualgi right away…If you are not seeing results in your tank or just want some help, please visit our new Troubleshooting page to tell us more about your tank and we will have one of our experts review your information and get in touch with you to troubleshoot.

*50% discount will be offered to people who have never tried Nualgi Aquarium before. If you previously received a free sample and enjoyed the benefits of Nualgi, we hope you will buy a bottle!


  1. Hello, is there a sign up list for people wanting to buy as first-time buyer discount of 50% off.. if so i’d like to added to that list..this is a great product and i plan on continuing to use it after my 12 week trials are over Thank You Mrsann Jones

  2. Only three applications so far. I’m adding 20ml every four days. I haven’t noticed any changes in algae growth. I still have algae on the glass that needs to be scraped about every other day or so. On a positive note the water looks clearer and my corals are looking better. My anemone’s are looking great. The basement tank hasn’t changed at all as far as the amount of algae on the sides.
    I still have a way to go so we’ll see how everything plays out.

    • James, thanks for trialing. Is this a 600 gal system you are dosing. From your initial submission we gathered that you have 2 systems – 225 g and a 300 g. We recommend 1ml/30g per 4 days only if you have significant algae build up. If not, it is better to dose once per 7 days or better still dose every day at the beginning of your lighting cycle, 1/7th of the weekly dose. Email us if you have further questions.

  3. recived nualgi on sat and dosed, will dose again in four days, dont really know if my algae is bad , not on glass just taking over live rock, thanks, i will keep you updated

  4. I have never tried it ,how can i get a bottle for free. Or buy it out right.


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