Updated Saltwater Reef Tank Dosage Instructions

Updated Saltwater Reef Tank Dosage Instructions

Updated 3/7/2016

Improving your saltwater tank’s bio-filter through the dosing of Nualgi can grow your corals in a manner that has earned the phrase “steroids for corals”. To ensure that you’re seeing these maximum benefits of the product, it’s important that you dose the correct amount with our newest updated formula.

Optimal saltwater dosing is 2.5 ML every 4 days to start.

As your tank responds to Nualgi, you can gradually increase the dosage by .5-1 ml per 30 gallons / week until you get to the recommended full dosage of 5 ml per 30 gallons / week dosage.

Read other dosage instructions and information on Nualgi Aquarium usage.

If you see an increase in algae issues after you start dosing Nualgi, please submit a troubleshooting request and we will be in touch right away!

We work hard to help answers your questions and want to see your tank succeed. Our staff is there for any of your troubleshooting needs, whether it be through email, Facebook, or our Forum. We look forward to hearing from you and don’t forget to upload photos of your tank.


  1. Corals and busting out of control since using this product! Pod population is going out of control also keeping my mandarin happy! Also any coral injured from stings regenerate super fast.

    • Hello Eric, thanks for your feedback. Glad Nualgi is working well for you. Please share your experience with a wider audience by posting on our FB page and your reef forum.


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