With Your Help, We Can Grow

With Your Help, We Can Grow

Like healthy coral & fish, our community is growing!

Thank you for the support everybody!

It has been an incredible past 6 months of aquarium trials, tests, and tribulations. The feedback we have received from people has been incredible and greatly improved everyone’s understanding of best use cases. We look forward to continued growth in the community and will be sharing more testimonials as we sort through all the positive case studies.

Sharing The Love!

While it may not seem like much of a milestone, we never could have made it to 5,000 likes on Facebook in such a short time without your assistance. For that, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for helping us get the word out.

While we are appreciative of all that everyone has done to help us grow, we would like to draw special attention to a few aquarists that have gone above and beyond to help us spread the good word about their tank’s trial of Nualgi Aquarium.


Facebook has been the biggest supporters of Nualgi and have helped us grow our fan base from 0-5,000 in less than 6 months!

Special Thanks to:


Instagram has a great community of aquarium lovers that you can find using #nualgi or #nualgiaquarium.

Special Thanks to:

Reef2Reef Forum Members

The community on Reef2Reef has been extremely active talking about Nualgi, and have helped us convince more than a few skeptics to try Nualgi! Special Thanks to:

Amber Courtney

Amber’s 125 gallon planted tank has beautiful Discus that appear to be literally loving their tank – having given birth twice during the trial. She has had to do less cleaning of her tank which hopefully that has led to more time for family and her YouTube channel View her results or Subscribe to her aquarium channel

George S.

George came to us from Reddit.com and has kept up a great photo album as well as a video log with excellent classical music! He had amazing paitence as we took care of his green water problems. View his results or Subscribe to his channel

Oswald Reef

Oswald has so much energy in his videos we just love watching them! I guess I would be excited too if I was seeing the coral growth he is seeing in his 40 gallon saltwater tank. View his case study results or Subscribe to his channel 

Jorge Webster

Jorge has kept us up-to-date on the progress of his amazing reef tank with a weekly video update with HD footage of his MANY corals. View his results or Subscribe to his aquarium channel


Ruben has kept us up-to-date on the progress of his Planted freshwater tank with a weekly video update featuring HD footage of his now crystal clear water – its like the tank is empty! View his results or Subscribe to his channel

Matthew Weber

Matthew has done an amazing job doing not just one, but 3 different trials with a detailed video update on his progress each week! View his results or Subscribe to his aquarium channel

James Conrey

Since Hurricane Sandy, James has always had a tough time with his reef tank. Now that he found Nualgi he has added 2 more tanks to the mix! Checkout his aquarium channel.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted information, pictures, and updates on their tank, we will post your testimonials as soon as possible. Please see the Results of other Nualgi Aquarium users.

What’s Next?

We are thrilled at the excitement about our product, but we aren’t ready to sit back and pat ourselves on the back just yet! Our goal is to have *every* aquarium owner try Nualgi so that they can see how it will help make their lives easier and their tanks happier.

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